Surf to Summit Outfitter Series Black Tall Back No Pack Kayak Seat

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Product Description

In the old traditional way of crafting a kayak, the comfort isn't exactly one of the main features. However, on this modern version, we projected the perfect kayak seat to be durable and flexible. It's extremely easy to adjust and attach it to the kayak, and in the same time this seat will offer you the best journey on the water with all the comfort you can get. Made out of layered foam, fabric and plastic this seat will last considerably longer that any kayak seat you ever tried.

Manufacturer Description

The Outfitter kayak seat collection was initially created for rental as well as training kayak programs. Keeping that in my own our quest was to make a kayak seat that might stand up to the usage as well as misuse common of a commercial kayak fleet. To state that industrial kayak seats obtain functioned is an understatement to state the least. The Outfitter seat style is in essence, fairly standard. The seat is compression molded under 60 lots of stress as well as baked at 400degrees, consequently permanently bonding the material to the foam. This procedure makes our kayak seats last substantially much longer that any type of cut as well as attached kayak seat. As well as believe me on this because we have made both kinds. This would certainly encapsulate the cobweb at optimum take advantage of factors as well as do away with any type of prospective failing due to sewing blowouts. Not a common problem with our kayak seats but you must view what we come back from rental fleets. This lacing, as we call it, aids lock the shaped foam face of the kayak seat to the heavy duty PVC plastic support back. This flexible rear plastic panel, the part that offers the paddler all the structure as well as assistance, is stitched with thread that is so thick its called cord, to the face as well. Another advantage to this tied cobweb system is it helps with webbing replacement in the rare occasion of a failure. The Tall Back Outfitter kayak seat is 16.5" high making the seat great for bigger paddlers or for an individual that desires optimal assistance. It is incredibly simple to adjust as well as attach to the kayak.

Product Features

  • Built with our proprietary process of layered foam, fabric, and plastic, compression molded at 400 F and 60 tons of pressure
  • 4 point adjustable attachment system for customizable comfort
  • Seat Back: 16.5"L x 22"W
  • Seat Cushion: 14"L x 16"W x 3/4"H
  • Laced webbing system

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