Kayak Seating

Do you need a comfortable kayak seat to give your back comfort on long rides? Then look no further and consider the following kayak seats below for your next adventure.


View YouTube Video "Making a Custom Kayak Seat"

From the Orca Boats series of videos on wooden kayak building. This video demonstrates how to carve and install a custom foam kayak seat and backrest.

View YouTube Video "My cheap homemade kayak seat"

Cheap in price. High in quality! This often overlooked part of your kayak rigging is essential for having a good time on the water because an uncomfortable s...

View YouTube Video "How to Install and Use a Kayak Seat"

Bill Bragmann, President, Yak Gear, Inc., goes through the process of installing your kayak seat and offers some tips on how to properly use it for the most ...

View YouTube Video "Hobie Outback Kayak Seat Build"

www.thehogzone.com built a seat for my Hobie kayak.

View YouTube Video "Quick elevated seat diy for kayak"

10 bucks at academy.!!!!!

View YouTube Video "Lou's Kayak seat upgrade"

My buddy Lou has this old Kayak that he modified a boat seat to fit using a PVC frame. He puts 20 to 30 hours a week in this seriously used kayak. Check out ...

View YouTube Video "How to Make a Foam Kayak Seat"

Making a minicel foam seat for a kayak using a right angle grinder and sanding disks. For more information about making your own seat, visit: http://www.guil...

View YouTube Video "Feel Free Kingfisher Kayak Seat"

The Feel Free Kingfisher Kayak Seat offers you tons of comfort. A lumbar cushion gives you support shaped by your back where fatigue usually starts and the c...

View YouTube Video "Hollywood upgrades his kayak seat cheap!"

When your kayak seat is just not comfortable and upgrading is just too expensive, here's an idea that's under $50!!!

View YouTube Video "Fierce Kayaking 2014 Ascend FS12T Kayak Seat Fix"

We explain the problem with the seat design and offer a step-by-step quick and cheap fix for the problem. Please "Like" it if you enjoy it or it helps you ou...

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