Kayak Accessories

New devices readily available for Kayaks. Kayaking is a fun recreational task on its own, already many manufactures have actually made it much more fun. Now obtain a battery and motor mount to transform your kayak into a trolling machine. The place has a battery case and an area to affix an electric motor. Lifetime and others have offered a 12 volt motor that can be purchased separately, yet the place could likewise accept other makes of a 12 volt motor.

The battery install is best made use of on Lifetime's 8 and 10 foot kayaks for fishing. By utilizing this install and motor you can reach your preferred angling destination on the lake quicker and take pleasure in additional fishing time.

Get the most out of your kayak with helpful add-ons and substitution elements. Get every little thing from kayak roof racks for secure and handy transportation, to kayak dry luggage to preserve your personal possessions dry and secure . Adult and Youth sized paddles, carry straps, backrests and more.

View more details on lifetime kayak accessories here. Also check out our Kayak Rack Carrier products for transporting your kayak.

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Kayak Gear


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