10 foot Kayaks

Seat up to a few riders on the sit-on-top Manta™ kayak from lifespan merchandise. The light-weight sturdy plastic construction makes it simple to move in an exceedingly truck, SUV, or minivan. this can be the right model for beginners as a result of it's designed with a tunnel hull for final stability and high and dry seating. There area unit countless innovative intrinsic options like a paddle cradle, mast receiver receptacle for a sail, fishing rod holder, cup holder, forward cargo hold, and multiple foot wells for to supply different-sized riders with leverage once paddling. This model additionally includes 2 soft-cushioned backrests. Fun, easy, and extremely convenient to use, the multi-purpose style makes it a good introduction model into a range of recreational water sports. Use for paddling, fishing, surfing, or sailing--something for everybody, and fun for the full family!


KL Industries Sun Dolphin Excursion 10' - Fishing Kayak

KL Industries Sun Dolphin Excursion 10' - Fishing Kayak. http://best-kayak-brands.blogspot.com/2012/08/kl-industries-sun-dolphin-excursion-10.html http://bes...

Fishing with my Lifetime Dragonfly Sport Fisher Kayak

This will show you the ease of standing, sitting and casting while standing using the 10 foot Sportfisher by Lifetime products.

Lifetime Fishing Kayak with Motor

This video shows how to mount a lifetime fishing motor mount 90144 and an electric kayak motor 1079184.

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